Fresh Roasted Colombian Coffee, Medium Roast


Image of Fresh Roasted Colombian Coffee, Medium Roast

Colombian Coffee roasted to perfection. Unlike our competitors, we choose quality beans sourced from a Michigan company that are of the highest grade available, in our bags you will not find half beans or broken bits of beans.

The beans are then poured into our Michigan designed and manufactured roaster and brought to a perfect color and taste.

After roasting, the beans go through a cooling process and then are bagged while warm in a sealed and flavor locked bag that won't let other odors disturb this crazy good coffee smell or taste.

We hold no inventory so, this coffee you are about to order is waiting to be dropped into the roaster just for you. We believe our coffee will be the best coffee you have ever tasted as we pride ourselves on getting it to you as soon as possible after roasting.

Coffee should be consumed no more than 2 weeks after roasting, it truly starts to lose its delicious luster after 14 days. We doubt that this coffee will last you that long anyways, ours sure don't.